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SDF releases statement on unification of Raqqa fronts


RAQQA – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Thursday released a statement on the unification of the eastern and western fronts proceeding in the Raqqa Liberation Campaign.REQA-DAXUYANIYA-GIHANDINA-HERDU-BASKAN (5)

SDF commander Rojda Felat, SDF 1st Brigade commanders and fighters on both Raqqa fronts with 66 days of continuous fighting were present in the release of the statement which was read by Rojda Felat.

The following were said in the statement read by the female SDF commander Rojda Felat:

“The Raqqa Liberation Campaign continues since 66 days in the eastern and western fronts. 12 neighbourhoods have been liberated within the scope of the campaign up until now. During the day today, the neighbourhoods of Nezlit Şihadê and Hîşam Bin Ebdulmelik were liberated.REQA-DAXUYANIYA-GIHANDINA-HERDU-BASKAN (2)

The liberation of both neighbourhoods is a great blow to the Daesh (ISIS) gangs and a great victory for us. Thus, all the gates of the gangs in the city are closed and the circle on them is narrowed.

Over the last 3-4 days more than 600 civilians have been rescued, their needs have been met and they have been safely transported to safe areas.

We celebrate the unification of both fronts with our martyrs, our wounded, and our fighters who have fought in all positions despite all the difficult circumstances.”