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SDF separates al-Tabqa from Euphrates Dam


AL-RAQQA- Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces have taken control of the First Neighborhood in al-Tabqa city, also fighters managed to separate between al-Tabqa’s three neighborhoods and the Euphrates Dam.

The campaign launched to liberate al-Tabqa and Euphrates Dam is continuing in its 48th day, in this context, ANHA reporters pointed out that the SDF fighters have focused on the First Neighborhood and Euphrates Dam on Sunday evening, consequently violent clashes erupted in the First Neighborhood between the fighters and IS gangs, and lasted till the early hours of the morning.

The clashes resulted in separating the New al-Tabqa neighborhoods from the Euphrates Dam, and fighters also seized the First Neighborhood.

During the clashes, many mercenaries have been killed, one body with a Kalashnikov and a storage were seized by the fighters.

The fighters began combing and searching operations in the First Neighborhood, and took to removing mines the gangs left behind.

Clashes are still ongoing in the Second and Third Neighborhoods in the city.