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SDF would not accept repeating a 400-year occupation


GIRKÊ LEGÊ- A notable from al-Rashed clan Hawas al-Muflih assured that Syrian Democratic Forces would not permit the Ottoman occupation’s repetition which lasted for 400 years to be repeated.

Hawas al-Muflif, the notable of al-Rashed clan in Tel Koçer town explained that the Turkish ambitions in repeating the Ottoman age by its aggression would not be fulfilled, this came in an interview with Hawar news agency about the Turkish aggression on Rojava and the Syrian North.

Muflih said” we as the Arabic component condemn the Turkish state’s attacks, these acts would not undermine our will and morale from liberating al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa city in the Wrath of Euphrates campaign”.

Al-Muflih said that the Turkish bombardment on Krashok and Shengal come simultaneously with the progress made by SDF to liberate al-Tabqa city, Muflih added” the Turkish occupation would not stand the victories of SDF and IS defeated, so they bombarded the media centers in order to hide its support for the mercenaries.

Muflih noted that the Arabic states have been ruled by the Turkey for 400 years, and now they are trying to retrieve the Ottoman regime, aiming to bring the memories of of Marj Dābiq Battle and the betrayals that took place that day, Muflih also pointed out that SDF is existing on the ground and would not but accept liberating the region and would not submit to the Ottoman rule and their colonial ambitions.

Hawas al-Muflif, the notable of al-Rashed clan conclude saying that the Turkish occupation acts are an evidence of their weakness and fear of SFD and the coexistence and fraternity between Rojava’s Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs components.