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Secretary of State: Kurds are our greatest allies and will support them


NEWS DESK- Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson stated yesterday that USA renews its commitment to support Kurdish forces fighting in Syria in their campaign to eliminate ISIS in al-Raqqa.

Tillerson stated in his Senate confirmation hearing” we should be renewing the coalition using the Syrian Kurds who have been our greatest allies on the ground there”

Tillerson added” our relations with our allies and friends in the region should be renewed until stability is restored, and if any former agreements existed we are committed to fulfill them”.

Tillerson pointed out to the necessity of supporting Kurdish forces in their advance to al-Raqqa city, the major stronghold of ISIS, and establishing stronger forces in the fight of ISIS in case it escaped to other areas of the country and eliminate it completely

Tillerson also said” we should develop a strategy to deal with the most imminent threat which is ISIS”.