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Security retrieved to al-Tabqa, refugees suffering  alleviated


AL-TABQA– Refugees in al-Tabqa city expressed their joy at the security they enjoy despite the poor living conditions around them; scarce food aid and medical help and lack of proper accommodation.REQQA-REWSA-KOCBERAN ‫(1)‬

According to Organizations Affairs Office in al-Tabqa Civil Council, around 300 thousand refugees have flowed from the IS, Turkish occupation and regime-held areas.

Though residing accommodation which lacks the simplest proper living conditions, but enjoying security that Syrian Democratic Forces and the Interior Security Forces have alleviated their miserable situation and displacement.

A,H a refugee from the regime-held town Maskana which lies in the eastern countryside of Aleppo spoke about the difficulties that they ran into during their hard and long displacing journey towards al-Tabqa and the reasons behind his choice to head for areas liberated by SDF.

A,H says” we lived under military practices that would not discriminate an old man or a child, an IS mercenary or civilian as the regime aircrafts kept hovering over us and we did not know what time death would knock at our doors, our life was meaningless, we kept looking for water for our thirsty children and bread to feed them and strengthen their weak, exhausted bodies, and most importantly, the lost sense of security was keenly aspired to”.   REQQA-REWSA-KOCBERAN ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

A, H another refugee from Deir Hafer in the eastern countryside of Aleppo which is held by the Syrian regime and its allies says ”we have reached al-Tabqa displacing from Maskana our first station where we suffered a lot there, though the distance between Maskana and al-Tabqa does not exceed 65 km, it took us 15 days through wild routes, we were seized by fear and anticipation, as soon as we reached the first freedom crossing, we were welcomed by the Syrian Democratic Forces”.