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Seeking solutions to stop crimes against women, meetings held

AFRIN– seeking solutions to the cases of women killing in Afrin Canton, institutions and organizations concerned with women rights revealed a schedule to hold a series of meetings to enlighten people about this issue.

As the number of women killed reached 10 for different reasons since the beginning of the present year, aiming to discuss its reasons with people, and seeking decisive solutions, women organizations uncovered their schedule to hold a series of meetings in the center of the Canton and its associated villages.

This step comes after women held their meetings on July 3, and severely criticized crimes carried out against women recently.

Organizations and institutes participating in the meetings are (Star Conference, Women Asayîş, Human Rights Organization, Sara counter-violence against women organization, Rojava Center for Strategic Studies, Democratic Union Party, and Free Women Collaboration in Rojava).

Organizations continue holding their meetings in the canton and its villages.