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Şengal massacre aimed at removing Yazidis

NEWS DESK- Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) made it clear that Şengal massacre aimed at removing the Yazidis and changing the demography of the area and blur the identity of this people with their cultures and traditions.

MSD released a statement to the public opinion on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of Şengal massacre as they condemned the massacre and saluted People Defensive Forces, People Protection Units (YPG) and Women Protection Units (YPJ) resistance.

The statement included:

“In August 2, 2014, the Yazidi Kurds in Şengal were exposed to a fierce massacre which has not ever happened during history at the hands of terrorist IS mercenaries. The massacre aimed at removing the Yazidis and changing the area’s demography in addition to blurring the peoples’ identity with all their cultures and traditions. Moreover, children were killed and women were kidnapped, violated and traded in.

We in MSD condemn this horrible massacre against our Yazidi people by fierce expressions and salute Şengal resistance especially the people defensive Forces, YPG and YPJ. We call for the International Society and the Global Coalition for these massacres to not be repeated against peoples, and to work on liberating the rest of our Yazidi people from the hands of IS mercenaries.

We also console our Yazidi people for the victims left by the massacre and we salute their resistance, we stand again by their and all our peoples side against the obscurantist and ethicist forces. Today, SDF target IS terrorist organization at their so-called capital al-Raqqa.

Bless for Şengal martyrs.

Shame on terrorists and their supporters.

Triumph is for our peoples”.