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SFD liberates al-Sina’a neighborhood, enters al-Bayatra

AL-RAQQA– Syrian Democratic Forces managed to liberated al-Sina’a neighborhood after four-day clashes, fighters also entered al-Bayatra neighborhood.

Syrian Democratic Forces are continuing their progress west and east of al-Raqqa city within al-Raqqa liberation campaign.

SDF could liberate al-Sina’a neighborhood east of al-Raqqa city after four-day clashes, combing and clearing were begun then in the neighborhood. After liberating the neighborhood, fighters continued their progress east of al-Raqqa city and entered al-Bayatra neighborhood where clashes are ongoing.

West of al-Raqqa city, violent clashes are going on. In this context, IS mercenaries launched an attack on Sabahiyah from 3 axes, meanwhile, fighters are engaged in clashes in the neighborhood. 9 mercenaries including an amir were killed and 12 others were wounded.

In al-Barid neighborhood which the fighters entered on Wednesday, fighters are advancing as clashes intensify.