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Shahouz Hassan: grave error to support Turkish occupation to Idlib


QAMISHLO- Shahouz Hassan the co-Chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) described the support of some countries for the Turkish army to occupy Idlib as “grave error.”

In a statement to Hawar News Agency, Shahouz Hassan said “Turkey’s aim of occupying Syrian territory was to thwart the federal project by encircling Afrin,” Hassan went on “The Turkish state had many plans and objectives in Syria and could not implement some of these plans, now it is trying to occupy some areas through its military forces or through some of its mercenary gangs to achieve some of its strategic objectives in the region” he said.

Hassan said that to ensure the success of its plans and the occupation of some new areas such as Jarablus and Azaz, it militarily mobilized in Idlib.

Hassan explained that the aim of the occupation of Idlib is to besiege Afrin region, considering statements and speeches of Turkish leaders confirming this, and stressing that one of the main goals of the Turkish state is to thwart the federal project and to prevent the democratic forces to reach a sea port.

According to Shahouz Hassan, the history of the Turkish state tells itself in the field of occupation, citing the entry of the Turkish State of Cyprus in the 1970s, as well as its entry into the Başûr Kurdistan in the 1990s and not leaving these areas.

“Let the countries that support the occupation of Turkey know that they have made a grave error, because they opened the door for Turkey to pose a new threat not only to the north of Syria, but to Syria as a whole.” concluded Shahouz Hassan.