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Sheikh Ahmad: al-Thukna liberated, Jaheem Square about 


AL-RAQQA- Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated al-Thukna neighborhood which is located in the center of al-Raqqa city in coincidence with battles ongoing in al-Morour, al-Amin and al-Mansour neighborhoods.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign continue at rapid momentum by SDF as the forces liberated70% of the city according to what the commander Rojda Felat declared in a statement to Hawar news agency on Monday.

Moreover, Wrath of Euphrates spokesperson Jihan Sheikh Ahmad stated that the battles have been ongoing with high-paced momentum since days in al-Morour, al-Amin and al-Mansour neighborhoods while the fighters completed liberating al-Thukna neighborhood.

In addition to that, in coincidence with Holly Eid al-Adha, SDF fighters completed liberating old al-Raqqa neighborhoods which were considered the most important strongholds of the mercenaries inside the city, and afterwards, the battles moved to the center of the city as fierce and simultaneous battles erupted in al-Morour, al-Amin, al-Mansour and al-Thukna neighborhoods where important, strategic, military and vital buildings have been liberated.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad sated that clashes are still ongoing in the other three neighborhoods in the center of the city assuring that liberation is eminent.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmad mentioned that during next few days, they would spread good omen to al-Raqqa people about al-Naeem (The Bliss) Square liberation which is located in the center of the city and was called al-Jaheem (The Hell) by IS mercenaries due to crimes committed there by IS mercenaries assuring that the square’s state would be safe and name (al-Naeem) would be renamed as al-Raqqa people request.