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Sheikh Ali: absence of North Syria components from meetings of Syrian settlement to fail



AFRIN- The General Secretary of the Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) Mohieddin Sheikh Ali said that the absence of the components of north Syrian from the meetings dealing with the crisis in Syrian settlement hinders the attempt to find a solution and to come out with any agreement.

In a statement to Hawar news agency on the latest developments in Syrian issue and holding of meetings and conferences that discuss the Syrian crisis, sheikh al-Ali said, “The exclusion of any component in the negotiation process during the meetings that are held on the Syrian crisis will bring them failure.”

He added that many meetings were known as “peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis” in Geneva, London, Astana and Munich is amplification and media noise.”

He noted that “In fact, the Geneva delegations, and before them in Riyadh, are not the legitimate representatives of the Syrian people, they are promoting them, they represent themselves only.”

He added “The regional agendas want to exclude some in Syria and adopt a policy of discrimination and loyalty for abroad parties instead of opening a new page to deal with the crisis more seriously and find a political and peaceful exit of the Syrian crisis, which is really the demand of the Syrians.”

“The absence of representatives of the Kurdish people and other peoples and components of the region from meetings dealing with the Syrian crisis hinder the attempt to find a solution and come out of any agreement is scheduled and carries the failure.”

In the view of the Secretary of the Unity Party, the exclusion of any component in the course of negotiations in the meetings that are held on the Syrian crisis will bring them failure, and continued, “The exclusion of the components of the North Syria and non-participation in those meetings, under pressure from Turkey is an attempt by the latter to block the doors of any Kurdish presence because The Syrian north and as is known globally, Arab, locally and regionally that the Kurds have their historical presence in the north of Syria, that is, the Kurdish presence in the north of Syria is not a temporary presence.

“For the success of any conference on Syrian crisis, there must be a genuine presence of the components of the North of Syria, including the Kurdish presence known for its titles in history, which is characterized by its active role in defeating terrorism represented by mercenaries.”