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Sheikh Ali: Afrin will not be a picnic for Turkish occupiers



AFRIN- The General Secretary of the Democratic Unity Party (Yekiti) in Syria Mohi al-Din Sheikh Ali, confirmed that the Turkish occupation should be well aware that his entry into Afrin land is not a picnic, and will bring a lot of losses.

In an interview with Hawar news agency, Sheikh Ali said: “The Turkish occupation has long threatened to occupy Afrin through senior officials’ statements, including their president, Erdogan, these semi-daily speeches through his media is an attempt to prove that Turkey is present on the Syrian arena, but it became “a past verb” at the time when all its mercenaries were defeated by the resistance of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).”

He added that “Afrin canton’s districts and especially (Sherawa, Janders and Shera) are witnessing repeated targeting of various types of weapons by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries based on Afrin’s borders, amid continuous flight of drones to the Turkish occupation in the skies of the area, its aims are to spread fear and panic in the people’s hearts and their displacement of land “He said.

The secretary has bound these attacks with the local election’s success.

He said “It is not a secret that Turkey is fighting the democratic project in the region, so the recent attacks on Afrin canton came after the local administration elections’ success, accompanied with the victories of (SDF) against IS mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor countryside which its main supporter is Turkey. “

“It is difficult for the Justice and Development government to recognize these facts and understand the living reality in the North Syria regions, the thing which made it in a confusion and disturbance state to continue in their hostile media campaigns accompanied by shelling against Afrin’s people, to make them more confident, determined and promoted their standing together against any attack threatening the stability of the region.

“The Turkish state is well aware that its entry into Afrin land is not a picnic and will bring a lot of losses in all sides. The Turkish interior knows very well that hundreds of coffins of its soldiers will arrive in Turkey if it tries to do so, it will be complicated by Turkish public opinion and affect the Turkish future in the region

And about the peoples’ readiness to defend any aggression, Sheikh Ali said “Afrin residents said earlier and still, that the olive land has no place for conspirators and occupiers, and what Afrin canton is exposed to is our right and our duty all to stand by all our possibilities against the occupiers and invaders and defend our land.

“The People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG and YPJ) which defend of Afrin have a long history of victories against terrorism, so there is no fear on Afrin and external threats are condemned.”