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Sheikh Issa: We will protect our regions ourselves



AFRIN- Osman Sheikh Issa, co-chair of Executive Council in Afrin, assured that people resistance will go on against Turkish army and its mercenaries, and they will protect their region with people’s will and strength without any international support to the canton.

In a statement to ANHA, Issa has talked about the recent events in Afrin canton and Shahba regions.

Attacks against Afrin are going on with international consent

Issa said that what is happening in Afrin is an international conspiracy carried out with the approval of the international coalition, and the silence about these attacks and Turkish occupation of Afrin canton and Shahba regions is a conspiracy and a participation in this occupation.

Ottomans dreams will end in Shahba

Issa pointed out that the Turkish state has been bombarding since 10 days the liberated villages by the revolutionary factions in Shahba regions, and it committed massacres against civilians, displaced the original people and tried to occupy Afrin canton.

Turkey creates seditions under the pretext of helping Turkmen

Issa noted that the Turkish support of some factions, who claim that they are Turkmen, is an attempt to create sectarian seditions between Syrian components under the pretext of helping Turkmen.

Shahba liberation will open the door for a new policy

Osman Sheikh Issa, co-chair of Executive Council said that we will be soon connecting the three cantons(Afrin, Kobani and Jazeera) through Shahba liberation which became a political complex in this region, while political interests of many powers are conflicting now and Turkey on top of it.

Osman assured that if the three cantons connect together and Shahba is liberated, there will be a new policy in the region, and democratic federation in the north and Rojava will be applied, so all the Turkish plans will fail.

Afrin people have no alternative but to resist

Issa talked about Afrin resistance against Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ attacks of Afrin canton” the people have resisted the Turkish attacks and its mercenaries, and they have realized that they are only who will repel all the attacks and occupying attempts.

Issa said that the people were in a state of alert and emergency especially when the Turkish state was trying to violate Afrin lands, there were thousands of people standing together to confront them.

Sheikh Issa offered his support to the revolutionary factions who defend Shahba regions and stand in front of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

World silence indicates participating in these attacks

Co-chair of Executive Council criticized the international community and considered their silence is participation in this attack.

DAA will not accept any violation of its borders

In the end, Issa assured that they as Democratic Autonomous Administration in Afrin canton will not accept any intervention or occupation and they will protect their region with people’s will and strength without international support, demanding the people to be aware and careful about the changes in the region and to go on in resistance.