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Sheikh Maksoud , Ashrafieh remove the effects of war on themselves

ALEPOPO– The People’s municipality in Aleppo launched a campaign to remove the rubble in the affected areas of Sheikh Maksoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods, with the participation of 50 workers.gimal-gimo-300x168

With achieving security and safety in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, after liberation eastern neighborhoods by People and Women Protection Units’ fighters people municipality launched a campaign to remove the ruins of war from the neighborhoods.

The campaign began from Al-Mukhabarat Street in the western section of Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, one of the most affected areas. It was the result of strong clashes between mercenaries groups and People’s and Women’s Protection Units’ fighters .

A number of vehicles, including 4 large bulldozers, 6 medium trucks in addition to hand tools, are used in the rubble removal process. About 50 municipal workers are involved in the cleaning process.

Work begins from 7.00 am to 15.00 hours on a continuous forms, seven days a week. The rubble is thrown out of residents areas.

The rubble removal campaign is to be completed from Al-Mukhabarat Street within the next few days. The municipality will move to Ashrafieh and start working there.

According to municipal officials, their campaign will continue until the neighborhood is cleaned up, and the municipality is working around the clock to maintain the area, clean up the rubble and the remnants of the shelling of the mercenaries .