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Sheikh Maqsoud Asayish aids civilians crossing into the district


ALEPPO – Sheikh Maqsoud Asayish Forces Management member Şêro Efrîn told ANHA that six thousand displaced people have migrated to Sheikh Maqsoud, and that authorized organizations needs to aid the migrants.

Thousands have migrated to Sheikh Maqsoud after intense fighting between the Syrian regime and the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) gangs. YPG-YPJ fighters and Asayish forces are making sure migrants reach secured areas.

Sheikh Maqsoud Asayish Forces Management member Şêro Efrîn stated that their forces had made sure civilians crossed in to the district securely whilst providing them with their essential needs. Efrîn noted that the injured civilians were under threatment in the Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sor a Kurd) Health Centre.

Calling out to humanitarian organizations to help the families which arrived from eastern Aleppo districts, Efrîn said, “Because Sheikh Maqsoud is under siege it does not have all the resources to aid all the migrants”.