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Sherin Hassan: Turkey once again showed its weakness in front of revolutionary women



AFRIN- The Spoke Womwn of the Women ‘s Committee inNorth Syria Federation council Sherin Hassan Said :” representation of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries with the bodies of freedom fighters is not immoral Turkey has once again shown its weakness in front of the revolutionary woman in North Syria and we promise to take revenge on her”

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held a special interviwe with Sherin Hassan  talking about the role of women in resisting of age and targating the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries and women and their will in particular

In her summary, she said that women and throughout  of North Syria are leading two revolutions of their own volition, the revolution of society, which is based on changing the mentality of the authoritarian society and training it on the axis of democracy. It also leads a large army and establishes victories that prove women’s ability to take an important role in protection and defense .

Sherin said that the spirit of the women of Rojava and North Syria is a symbol of Fraternity among women. In each gathering, different colors and races of women stand out in a meaningful step to return to normal society at a time of coexistence on the basis of fraternity and co-existence

Sherin added :.

“Women have gained the strength and will of the ideology and philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan and organized themselves on the basis of Democratic nation’s project. Therefore, the attacks of those hostile to women’s freedom and their prominent role in the revolution are shown to break their will,”

In her speech, Sherin highlighted the practices and attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its terrorist mercenaries on the revolutionary struggle of women through the representation of the body of activist Barin Kobani and other fighters of the heroic units of protection.

Sherin stressed that this is not immoral behavior of the Turkish occupation army and its terrorist gangs comes as a result of their weakness in front of the fighters of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in the face of elements of the Turkish occupation and organization of women themselves in society, and want again to exterminate women in dirty and far from humanity.

Sherin stressed that these practices do not weaken their will as women amid the reluctance of people to resist the echo of their voice around the world, and grow in the hearts of women in particular and the people in general the spirit of revenge and always strive to stand in the face of Turkish aggression.

Sherin said that they will retaliate and respond to these are not immoral actions exercised by the Turkish occupation against the freedom fighters to escalate the spirit of resistance, as evidenced every day in the person of fighters (YPJ)which have become a symbol of the freedom of all women of the world and expand the training and access to each woman and organize on The basis of the principles of women’s freedom.

The official spokeswoman for the Women’s Committee of NorthSyria Federation Council in Afrin Sherin Hassan, said that women’s rights organizations are called upon to break their silence and express a serious opinion to hold accountable the perpetrators of massacres and practices committed against women by the Turkish occupation