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Shia children: land is ours, we will not give up



AFRIN – “The land is ours and we will not abandon it,” said children of the Shia district of Janders area, which is daily subjected to indiscriminate bombardment by the Turkish occupation army.

Shia district children hand a message to the Turkish aggression saying that this is our land and can not be left to your aircraft and shells and will not be horrified,

“We are steadfast here and we will stay because we were born here.”

Since 20 January, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have been carrying out fierce attacks on Afrin canton using all kinds of heavy weapons, including warplanes, for which more than 180 civilians have been martyred, and more than 350 civilians, including children and women, have been injured.

The bombing of the Turkish occupation also caused tremendous damage to the infrastructure of Afrin canton, not to mention the vital places of “schools, water stations, poultry farm, bakeries and gas stations.”