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Shirvan Darwish: Security stability in our city bothers others



MANBIJ- The spokesman of Manbij Military Council Shirvan Darwish Said that the security stability in Manbij  city disturbing the regime and Turkey in particular, which is trying to create confusion in the city through media threats or provocations on the border adjacent to its mercenaries at the separation line of Sajor River.

Turkey is trying to hit the security stability  in Manbij city in an attempt to mix the papers. The Turkish regime has recently issued a new threat to the region claiming that it will occupy Manbij and Afrin in the framework of one plan aimed at completing the attacks on the region to occupy it, which began in 2016 occupation of Jarablus .

In the same context, the official spokesman of Manbij Military Council that the stability and security in Manbij city disturbing the parties that have an interest that there is no democratic project in Syria, led by Turkey or the regime, He added,

“recently we see the threats on the media platforms, Of the regime or the opposition in general are close and this proves our point of view since the past that the opposition and the regime do not differ. “

He noted that the threats of the government of justice and Development are not new, especially the statements that were issued by Erdogan since beginning of the Syrian revolution till now  saying, “we Remember all of their red lines, whether in Damascus or Homs or Aleppo were all within this framework” .

“We and the people in one front in the event of an attack”

Shirvan said “We have our plans, our forces, our will and our confidence in our people, who will defend the homeland and the gains and will stand by us in the event of any attack.”

“We are defensive forces and we will respond to any attack “

Shirvan Darwish said that” since the recent clashes on Sajor line there is a ceasefire agreement under the supervise of the international coalition which is following the events of the front line and as a truce line, noting that their forces are defensive forces that do not seek to create any confusion in the region.”