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Silence in Shahba after Jaysh al-Thuwar responds

SHAHBA/EFRIN- After the Jaysh al-Thuwar forces (Army of Revolutionaries) responded to the Syrian coalition gangs (SNC), there is silence in the Shahba region since the morning hours. On the other hand, a Fatah al-Sham (Al-Nusra) gang member was also killed around the Efrin Canton.

The occupant Turkish army gangs positioned in Marea town attacked the Sheikh Issa and Harbal villages with heavy weapons and mortar shells at 22:30 last night.

Our reporters reported that in the artillery attacks, Til Rifet town and the villages of Um El-Hoş, Simoqiye, Til Mediq, Qil Sirûc, Minix and Elqemiye were bombed. The places belonging to locals were seriously damaged in the shelling.

It was also reported that Jaysh al-Thuwar fighters responded to the gang attacks by having aimed points attacking with artillery, but no information was available on the result after fighters responded.

There has been silence in the region since this morning.

On the other side, it was stated by military sources that YPG fighters frustrated the infiltration attempt of Fatah al-Sham gangs against the Der Belute village of the Cindires district last night, where one gang member had been killed.