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Sinam Muhammad: Turkish aggression on Afrin is to abort our democratic experience

NEWS DESK- The representative of Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in Europe Sinam Muhammad assured that the Turkish aggression on Afrin canton aims to destabilize security and stability there, destroy the economic and industrial development, the cultural identity and heritage of the Kurdish people by hateful chauvinistic militias and aborting our democratic experience of peaceful coexistence.

Hawar news agency interviewed Sinam Muhammad about the background of the Turkish occupation army’s intense attacks on Afrin canton villages and people displacement from al-Shahba areas striving for occupying them and launching attacks on the liberated areas there.

Sinam Muhammad said “Afrin city and its safe villages are undergoing fascist aggression by the Turkish army’s cannons and mercenary militias”. Sinam added “the Turkish occupation army’s barbaric attacks resulted in destroying a number of bordering villages and civilians’ houses, in addition to burning large spaces of agricultural lands and leaving a number of victims”.

Sinam Muhammad also stated “Afrin people opened their homes for those who fled explosive barrels and haphazard mortars, and Afrin was a safe shelter for all the Syrian components while all national and cultural affiliations were mixed to form a typical democratic society”.

Sinam Muhammad stated “Turkey strives for restoring the Ottoman Empire, and what this state is acting like massacres and Turkification policy in Jarablos and al-Bab is a good evidence for their real policy towards the Kurdish people”.

Sinam Muhammad demanded the International Community and European Union to undertake their responsibilities in order to stop the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ savagery, and Sinam demanded human rights’ organizations and media offices to support the Kurdish people and protect them from the criminal policies that would be practiced against them.