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Since al-Tabqa liberated, electrical workshops repairing the electrical grids

AL-TABQA – Since IS mercenaries were defeated in May 10 by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Electricity Company in Economic Body in al-Tabqa have been working on repairing the lines of tension and local networks in addition to repairing the transformers aiming at supplying them when centricity would be connected by the Euphrates DamTEBQA-CEKIRNA-ELTRIKE-BERDEWAME-3-300x169

The electricity workshops began working five months ago. One of the first tasks that the workshops carried out is connecting the high tension line from Rojava Dam (formerly Tishreen) to the Euphrates Dam in order to supply the Euphrates Dam internally to begin working on repairing the eight turbines destroyed by the mercenaries. It has taken about a month and a half working on connecting the high tension line.

After connecting the high tension line between Rojava and the Euphrates Dam, a medium supplying line has been connected from the Euphrates Dam Station to the main water pumping station of al-Tabqa city within 10 days to pump water to all the neighborhoods of the city.

The workshops; then, connected the 9th line which supplied the mills, the National Hospital and the water pumps in Ayed, as well as the southern water tank. The main lines in Al-Mesehar and al-Weheb neighborhoods that are considered the biggest neighborhoods in al-Tabqa city have been repaired.

The workshops have been divided into 3 categories to carry out these works (down workshop- medium workshop – transforming and board maintaining workshop). Each workshop works in shifts in the morning and evening to repair as many lines and transformers as possible.

Currently, the workshops that include 30 workers have started working in the Euphrates Dam Station since nearly 20 days to install the cells of the 20th line that were previously 23 cells, and 11 cells have been provided at the moment which are sufficient to provide al-Tabqa city and its countryside with electricity in addition to the installation of chargers and batteries. The previous cells have been completely destroyed by the mercenaries before they have been driven away the city by planting mines which automatically destroyed the transferring and distributing station completely according to what the administrative in the workshops Mustafa Al-Hamoud stated.

The Electricity Company suffers from a shortage of materials and machineries as some of which have been taken by mercenaries to areas held by them in conjunction with the campaign of Wrath of Euphrates and the destruction of the rest of them.

It is worth mentioning that the electricity workshops have connected an intermediate line of tension from the Euphrates Dam Station to Al-Hurriyah (formerly Al-Baath) Dam Station, to supply the dam internally to begin the work on repairing the damage that inflicted it after the systematic sabotage operations carried out by IS mercenaries.