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Sit-in held in Bulbul demanding to disclose Ocelan’s health status

AFRIN- Kongra Star in Bulbul district in Rajo area in Afrin canton organized a sit-in by going on a hunger strike to demand disclosing the health status of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan, and denounce the isolation imposed on him.EFRIN-CALAKIY JI BO SEROK (1)

Afrin people continue organizing the activities that demand to disclose the health status of Ocelan. In this context, Kongra Star Organization set up a sit-in tent in front of the office of Martyrs’ Families Council in Bulbul district.

Dozens of the district people, the members of Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Democratic Federation Party in addition to all the members of the civil institutions, Rojava Youth Union and Martyrs’ Families Councils participated in the sit-in.

The tent was ornamented by the pictures of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, People Protection Units (YPG) and Women Protection Units (YPJ) flags in addition to banners with slogans that demand disclosing Ocelan’s health status written on.KULIE

Under the sit-in tent, the administrative in Kongra Star in the district Gule Muhammad delivered a speech noting that the aim of this activity is to prove for the whole word that the Kurdish people are behind their leader, and they support him till reaching his freedom.

Gule Muhammad demanded the organizations of the fascist Turkish state to disclose the health status of the leader Ocelan, and to avoid the disastrous consequences that would be resulted by the Kurdish people’s uprising. Muhammad also made it clear that they as Rojava women would do everything for the sake of Ocelan’s freedom because he called for the freedom of women.

The activity of the sit-in is ongoing meanwhile by delivering speeches that praise Ocelan’s greatness assuring that they are ready to do whatever demanded from them to disclose the health status of the leader.

Furthermore, it is supposed that the sit-in would last till 16:00 afternoon with flocking of the parents towards the tent.