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Sit-in, hunger strike continues on 2nd day

AFRIN- The sit-in and hunger strike organized by the Kongra Star in Rajo district of Afrin canton continued on its second day with dozens of parents and members of the institutions going to the tent to denounce the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan.EFRIN-RECO-BERDEWAMIYA-GIREVA-BIRCIBUNE-BI-SERDANAN (3)

Dozens of residents of Badina district and the families of the martyrs in Rajo participated in the activities of the 2nd day of sit-in and strike in Noorz Square.

The second day began with a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs. After that, many words were delivered by a member of the martyrs’ families Council, Maryam Bilal, a member of Kongra Star in Badina district Laila Ibish, and the co-chair of the municipality of the people in Badina Sido Ibesh.

The words condemned the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan, and said it was targeting the entire Kurdish people.EFRIN-RECO-BERDEWAMIYA-GIREVA-BIRCIBUNE-BI-SERDANAN (2)

During their speeches, the speakers promised that they would not remain indifferent to the practices of the Turkish occupation army, the silence of the international community and human rights organizations, and that they would stand up until the health situation of Ocelan was revealed.

The sit-ins and strikes continue with speeches by the institutions, and the events are scheduled to end today.