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Siyabend Welat: North Syria Army to prove will of people of North Syria




NEWS DESK-The Commander-in-Chief of the Self-Defense Forces in North Syria, Siyabend Welat, stressed that “the army of North Syria” is a proof of the will of the people in the North of Syria and not a challenge to any other forces.SIYA-MEND-WELAT-4-300x200

The Self-Defense Forces announced that they were forming the “North Syria Army” to protect the Syrian north from any threat, and to learn more about this army, Hawar news agency held an interview with the Commander-in-chief of the Self-Defense Forces in North Syria Siyabend Welat indicated that the army will protect the border freed from IS mercenaries and will be fully prepared to face any threat to the North of Syria.

“The Self-Defense Forces were founded on November 1, 2014, at the request of the people of North Syria, who realized that all young people must be trained and ready to protect their areas from attacks,” Welat said. “The People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which liberated much of Syria’s territories.”

He noted that young people had joined the Self-Defense Forces extensively after the announcement. “Following the heavy turnout by young people to join the Self-Defense Forces, they have played an active role in protecting the areas. Campaigns, including in al-Tabqa and al- Raqqa, and with the liberation of many Syrian territories and the expansion of liberated areas of mercenaries, we have seen that it is better to form an army that protects the borders of North Syria.”

The label came because it was made up of all components

And about the label and what it means, Welat explained that the army’s name has become “the Syrian North Army” as this army consists of all children of the North of Syria with all their components of “Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, Turkmens and Chechens,” and added, “This army will protect the borders of North Syria, and will be on the alert in the event of their areas of attacks aimed at occupying the region and will be ready to defend the liberated areas throughout the north of Syria.SIYA-MEND-WELAT-2-300x200

They will protect the entire North Syrian border, we have many camps

About the borders that were drawn for the North Syria Army Siyabend Welat pointed out that the army will be stationed on the borders of North Syria, “We hope that there will be no borders for the army, because if borders were drawn, there will be dangers to our people, but the threats facing the people of the Syrian north who adopted the democracy as their principle impel us to to draw borders.”said Siyabend Welat.

“So far, we have opened two training courses for fighters and all children of the North Syria have joined them and from many areas, such as Manbij, al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa,” he said.

The camps where the fighters receive training the Commander-in-Chief of the Self-Defense Forces explained “there are multiple camps where fighters receive military and intellectual training in the region of al-Jazeera, and on the first of next month will open a session in al- Tabqa city, and the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor city “

He pointed out that they have training camps to train North Syria Army in the region of Afrin also and most of the fighters their relatives inhabit in Aleppo and that there was any threat to their relatives there, the army will intervene and protect their families

As for each ranking army, the Army of North Syria will have military ranks, and its distribution within the North Syria Army will not include the ranks of the recruits, junior officers and officers, according to educational qualifications. “Since the beginning of the revolution and the IS mercenaries attacks, the youth in the North Syrian Army to took to join the ranks of the military forces in northern Syria on a voluntary basis and did not consider the achievement of education, and after the elimination of mercenaries and the liberation of thousands of kilometers of Syrian territory, we have to build an army of North Syria, which includes military ranks, including the recruits, junior officers and officers will be distributed by educational attainment”.SIYA-MEND-WELAT-3-300x200

And on the data and reports circulated by the news sites that “the Army of North Syria is a challenge to some forces,” said the Commander-in-Chief of the Self-Defense Forces of North Syria, Siyabend Welat. “It is proof that the people of the north of Syria are armed with a strong will, while many forces such as the forces of the regime surrendered in front of mercenaries advocated and handed over by many areas, the children of the North Syria went with simple weapons to liberate and defend their areas.