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Solutions found and measures taken in Sala bakery


HASAKE– measures were taken in Sala(Hall) bakery which was subjected to a terrorist attack, after completing maintenance works, and ensuring residents lives.

The bakery was reopened after the Eid suicide attack, and maintenance works were carried out and the bakery was cleaned from the remains of the explosion and blood of the attack’s victim’s.

The bakery was painted from inside and outside, and will be working from 23:00 to 08:00 every day.

In this context, the municipality in Hasake in cooperation with the bakery’s administration has taken many measures to secure civilians’ lives and prevent any repetition of that attack.

The most important of these measures is building a fence around the bakery in addition to appointing security guards from Asayîş, and prohibiting selling bread within the bakery, while this mission will be undertaken by the communes and local assemblies in the area.   HSK-FIRINA-SALE (8)

Ammar Ahmad a worker in the bakery said” the moment the explosion took place, we were shocked and deeply touched by the scene of mixed blood and bread and body parts, this terrorist attack however did not undermine our determination”.

Ahmad continued “On the contrary, we are even more and more determined to continue serving our people, and we will be working hard to prove to the terrorists that we will be working against their will”.

Sala bakery in Salihiya neighborhood in Hasake was subjected to a suicide attack the night before Eid al-Fitr by some mercenary, 28 civilians lost their lives and many were wounded.