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Soon… a women’s football team in Kobanî formed

KOBANI- Youth and Sports Organization in Kobanî canton is forming a football team for women to activate their role in the sports domain and ensure its participation in all domains.

This step is considered a new qualitative leap which will be accepted by the Youth and Sports Body. Women in Kobanî have been deprived of many activities before the revolution because of the outdated customs and traditions that prevented them from exercising their most basic rights.

After the revolution, various sports teams were formed, not restricted to one sport in several areas in Rojava and North Syria. In Kobanî, the Sports and Youth Body is working to form a team that is the first of its kind for women.

The co-chair of Youth and Sport Body Jamila Sulaiman said that formation the team is the first step in the development of sports, in which women are a part. “The number of female members of the team will reach 14, this is the first step and in the coming days we will be working on forming special teams for women, Basketball, volleyball and other sports. “

The body will provide all the supplies for women from clothes and sports accessories to reach a good level, according to Jamila Suleiman.

At the end of her speech, Jamila stressed the need for all women to participate in sports teams for women until the sports aspect of women has developed.