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Southwest al-Tabqa: 15 mercenaries killed, 2 booby-trapped vehicles destroyed


Al-RAQQA- The clashes are still ongoing south and west of al-Tabqa. During the clashes, the fighters of Wrath of Euphrates operation room destroyed two booby-trapped vehicles of IS, and 15 mercenaries were killed.

The campaign of al-Tabqa city and Euphrates Dam liberation is continuing, and the south and west of the city have been witnessing fierce clashes between Wrath of Euphrates operation room and the mercenaries of IS since Tuesday night.

The mercenaries of IS attempted to obstruct the progress of SDF fighters by launching attacks using booby-trapped vehicles on SDF positions, but the fighters destroyed the vehicle before reaching its aim. During the clashes, 15 mercenaries were killed and 6 bodies of them were kept in SDF fighters’ hands. In addition to that, the fighters seized a digital walkie-talkie device, a military pouch, and some documents belong to IS mercenaries.

In the southwest front of al-Tabqa city, SDF fighters progressed 2,5 km.

While in the western side of al-Tabqa city, the mercenaries of IS attempted to unblock the siege by launching an attack using a booby-trapped vehicle on the points of SDF fighters, but the fighters destroyed the vehicle, and caused the mercenaries vast damage.

The attack that was launched by the mercenaries of IS was foiled on Wednesday morning at 06:00 after clashes continued till 10:00.

At the moment, the clashes between Wrath of Euphrates fighters and IS mercenaries are continuing southwest of al-Tabqa between Ayed al-Kabeer and Ayed al-Sagheer villages. The information stated that SDF fighters encircled the western side of Ayed al-Sagheer village. Moreover, the fighters are in constant progress.