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Speaker of Libyan Parliament: Turkey behind bombings in Libya

NEWS DESK-The speaker of Libyan parliament Aqila Saleh accused Turkey of being behind the terrorist attacks in his country, against the backdrop of the recent bombing that targeted a mosque in Benghazi.

Saleh said to Russian news agency Sputnik in response to the bombing of the mosque in Benghazi on Friday “Such operations are carried out with the support of some countries, especially Turkey.”

Saleh added that the evidence is the seizure of Greece to a ship coming from Turkey to Misurata carrying 29 containers of explosives, referring to the incident seized by the Greek Coast Guard earlier last month, a ship sailed from Turkey loaded with materials used to make explosives, on its way to Libya.

He said “We did not expect the houses of worship to be targeted, but their targeting confirms that those behind the attacks are not Muslims.”

The bombing of the mosque in the eastern city of Benghazi last Friday killed dozens of people .