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Special teams have liberated 100 more civilians

Al-RAQQA– The Syrian Democratic Force’ special teams for liberating have liberated 100 civilians from neighborhoods in the city of al- Raqqa, amid continuing strong clashes in the neighborhoods still occupied by IS mercenaries.

In the context of the liberation campaign of the city of al- Raqqa, the Syrian Democratic Forces’ fighters tightened their grip on IS mercenaries in a narrow patch of the city of al -Raqqa which is still occupied by IS gangs

IS mercenaries are trying to prolong their existence in the city by using civilians as their human shields, and the special teams are freeing the civilians of the Syrian Democratic Forces with special operations to free civilians from mercenaries’ hands.

In this context, the special teams managed today to liberate 100 civilians from al- Nahda and al-Bareed neighborhoods, mostly children and women.

Special teams are still continuing liberating civilians from the grip of IS mercenaries, amid continuing clashes in neighborhoods which are still occupied by IS mercenaries.