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Star Congress: The Red Wednesday would be a permanent base of peace

NEWS DESK- The general coordination of Star Congress stated “we hope the Red Wednesday to have a religious and social effect according to meaning, values and sanctities, and be a base for a permanent peace among all peoples.

The general coordination of Star Congress released a statement to the public opinion about the Red Wednesday.

The statement contains the following:

“Today, a new stage was started in Kurdistan by the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan, and at the same time a strategic stage for our Yazidi people. In other words, the Red Wednesday has a religious and historic importance. The Red Wednesday from the historic and social hand played an important role to create a dignified life. In this historic stage, the religious, social, and historic importance of the Red Wednesday Eid is protecting fathers and grandfathers land that is our responsibility. The struggle of the Kurdish people for democracy and freedom played an important role for Yazidi women and people.

The power that women revolution in North of Syria and Rojava derived by Wrath of Euphrates campaign and at the same time, starting a campaign under the leadership of women represent the revenge for the Yazidi women.

The Red Wednesday Eid became a circle of cooperation, friendship, peace, fraternity, and faith in a peaceful life.

We Star Congress congratulate the Red Wednesday Eid on the Yazidi people and all the Kurdish people.

Our freedom and gladness are related to our victory. The importance of the Red Wednesday Eid represent our responsibilities and faith.