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Statistic: 1,915 women killed within 6 years in Turkey

NEWS DESK– “1,915 women have been killed in Turkey since 2011” according to unofficial statistic conducted by “The Crimes Against Woman” site whose mission is to observe the crimes which committed against women in all states in Turkey, and counted the Turkish women that espoused to violence since 2011.

According to the site, since 2011 till now 1,915 women have been killed and according to the statistics, one of two women is being killed by her husband or her lover, and 396 women have been killed after divorce.

The statistic pointed that Babdort state in north-east Turkey nearby the Black Sea is the only state which did not witness any killing incidents since 2010.

Women are exposed to a lot of harassments and the annoyances have increased since Justice and Development Party has taken office, and the Turkish government has legalized a lot of laws that protect criminals from the crimes which they commit against women like rape and murder.