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Students from Mesopotamia Academy participating in village of women construction

AD DARBASIYA_ Students of the Social Justice Department of the Mesopotamia Academy have participated in the “Shahida Dastan Tamouz ” course in helping to construct the village of the woman “Jinwar” voluntarily.DIRBESPITYE-XWENDEKARE-AKEDEMIYA-MEZOBOTAMYA-ALIKARYA-GUNDE-JINE ‫(42271238)‬ ‫‬

This volunteer work was at the suggestion of the students of the Academy to participate morally in the construction of the village.

Twenty-eight students and five administrators of the academy transmitted the soil from the particular place to put it near the house which is being built. They have also laid the walls of one of the houses and have picked vegetables from the orchard.

On Tuesday, students began working from 9 am till 4 pm.

Ronahi Koçer from Ali Kamish village in Derik area said:

“We came to Jinwar village after we have suggested that to the academy in order to participate in the work with the workers who are building the village, and to see how women have developed themselves and got freed from male mentality. This resulted in forming a private village for women that have been formed as the normal society at the hands of women”.

“We came to village of Jinwar to help and to do a participatory work beside the women who are building the village” said Hiven Abdul- Aziz who is from Sere Kaniye city.

After the work has completed, the students and the workers danced Dabke with the revolutionary songs.