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Suleiman Shah mercenaries’ inhuman acts continue in al-Bab


ALEPPO– The so-called Turkey-backed Suleiman Shah Division’s mercenaries in the occupied al-Bab area in al-Shahba canton have kidnapped, raped a pregnant woman and threw her then at olive fields, the woman is now suffering from tragic psychological and physical damage.

A citizen who preferred anonymity for security and ethical reasons told the story of his brother’s wife being kidnapped by the so-called Suleiman Shah Division’s mercenaries in the occupied city of al-Bab in al-Shahba.

The citizen said” 4 months ago, a patrol of Suleiman Shah Division’s mercenaries entered my brother’s house at 5 a.m. and arrested my brother under the pretext of dealing with YPG, though we assured that we had no relations to them, the mercenaries would not listen”.

“For my brother’s release, the mercenaries requested an immoral demand; to have sex with his wife, but the family completely refused, so this time they asked for a ransom of 500 thousand S.P”.

“Living within a poverty-stricken family which is unable to afford bread, we had to sell our furniture at low price, we also borrowed some money from our relatives and gave it to the mercenaries, my brother released, he was forced to stay at bed for 20 days because of the barbaric torture”.

“Some time later, my brother’s wife and her children went to shopping, suddenly shooting was heard, and the children were back but without their mother, they said that some masked men dragged her into a car and captured her”.

“afterwards, an old man knocked at our door saying that they have found an unconscious woman tortured and raped amongst the olive fields, having heard this, my brother, shocked, lost his senses and began to beat his head to the wall”.

“Seeing the woman in such a bad condition, she was taken to a hospital in Jarablus, when diagnosed, it turned out that she was brutally raped and she lost her baby, in addition, marks of beating, brutal torture were seen at different parts of her body”.

“The family, even worse the woman is going through a tough psychological and physical situation, I call all human right organizations to interfere to stop these Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries’ acts, and I appeal to the revolutionary forces to liberate our area from Turkish mercenaries”.