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Sultan Murad leaders and mercenaries tell their brutal practices against Syrians



AL-SHABAA – The leaders and mercenaries of Sultan Murad supported by Turkey, have described the brutal practices of the mercenaries against the Syrian people; flogging, killing and looting the property of the people. They have pointed out that the practices of the mercenaries are contrary to what they promoted among the people to join their ranks.

On November 7, the revolutionary factions have released 37 prisoners who had fled the mercenaries of the Sultan Murad Division backed by the Turkish occupation and had surrendered themselves to the revolutionary factions earlier.SADI MISTEFA

In order to find out about their dissolution and their resorting to the revolutionary factions, the Hawar news agency has met with a number of mercenaries of the Sultan Murad Division released by the revolutionary factions, who described the violations of mercenaries against the Syrian people ordered by the Turkish state.

Shadi Mustafa Sheik Hilal from the Quber Fedah village in the al-Ghab area of Hama says that the reason for joining Sultan Murad’s mercenaries is the weak financial condition. “3 months ago, I have joined them and they appointed me a commander after they offered me a monthly stipend of 300$. Directly without receiving any training courses. “

Sheikh Hilal said that the elements of Sultan Murad were dealing inhumanly with the locals. “There was a leader in the group who treated the people brutally, shot the people and stabbed them, in addition to whipping and other brutal practices.”

“The inhuman practices of the Sultan Murad’s mercenaries did not stop there, where any element was killed when he refused to go to any task assigned to him or carry out a criminal operation.”

The former leader of mercenaries Sultan Murad said that while watching these practices contrary to the rumors that were promoted by the mercenaries among the people to support the Syrian people and liberation from the Baathist regime, “I have split them and handed myself to the Asayîş forces in Afrin canton.”WELID MEMNUH

Walid Mamdouh al-Jassim, from al-Ghab area in Hama, said that he has joined the mercenaries of Sultan Murad during the start of the Turkish occupation army and his mercenaries in the process of the so-called “Euphrates Shield” and the areas occupation of Jarablus and al-Bab in northern Aleppo countryside.

Walid added “But I was not aware of the mercenary practices against the people of killing and robbing to reach this degree, so I have decided to split and surrender myself to the Asayîş forces in Afrin. The killing, flogging and robbery were commonplace for mercenaries, because these heinous practices were their everyday business.”

Walid al-Jassim has stressed that the leaders and elements of the Turkish occupation army were the ones who gave orders to the mercenaries of Sultan Murad to commit the violations against the people and their property, noting that the Turkish army leaders were in constant contact with the mercenary leaders.

The element Walid Mamdouh al-Jassim and leader Shadi Mustafa Sheikh Hilal appealed to all young men from the area and those who were tricked to split from mercenaries and defend the objectives of the Syrian revolution, which came out the Syrian people in the achievement of freedom and equality.