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Suspicious Turkish movements on Afrin borders


AFRIN- Turkish occupation army has increased its military reinforcements on Afrin canton borders. EFRIN-RECO-LIV-U-TVGERA-TURKA-LI-SER-SINOR ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Turkish occupation army has been working on digging trenches and stationed heavy arms and canons on high places and hills adjacent to Maydan Akbes village, while a big workshop is operating to dig trenches accompanied by mine swipers and dozens of military machineries.

In a relevant concern, Turkish occupation army commenced road pavement operation towards Rojava starting from regions in Bakur.

According to sources from Bakur Kurdistan adjacent to Maydan Akbes village, Turkish occupation army is supplying points and military positions with heavy arms, and is also building hidden guard points between the previous ones.

Turkish occupation army has sent two buses with dozens of Turkish Special Forces in, stopping at the borders masked and wearing black clothes, they spread over the bordering points.

Turkish occupation army is continuously launching attacks at villages lying on the border in Afrin canton, which left many civilians victims.

Presidency of the Executive Board in Afrin canton and the spokesperson of People Protection Units Redur Khalil assured earlier that they do preserve  the right of self-defense.