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Syndicate of Pharmacists grants 98 licenses for pharmacists and closes 36 pharmacies for not being licensed

GIRÊ SPΖ The pharmacists’ syndicate in Health Committee of Al-Raqqa Civil Council granted licenses to 98 pharmacies, 8 drug depots and a laboratory for medical analysis, while the syndicate closed 36 pharmacies because it was not licensed.

In the context of the work of the Pharmacists Syndicate of Health Committee in al-Raqqa Civil Council and its observing of pharmacies, laboratories Drug stores, the syndicate licensed 98 pharmacies in the neighborhoods of al-Raqqa and its countryside , 8 drug stores and a laboratory for medical analysis.GIRESPI-RUXSETEN-NAVENDEN-TENDURUSTIYE (2)

Where the syndicate oversees the observing of pharmacies located in the neighborhoods of Al-Raqqa and Ain Issa district in terms of medicines and prices, and the date of validity.

In the course of the tours conducted by the union 36 pharmacies has been closed in Ain Issa and al-Raqqa countryside because of lack of licenses.

Ahmed Ismail said, head of pharmacists in Health Committee of Civil Rights Council “We have set the percentage of profit in pharmacies by 25 percent and we will appoint a committee to monitor prices in pharmacies to prevent the exploitation of consumers,” And the high cost of medicines is due to the high wages of shipping, and the rise in the prices of some drugs from the source imported (drug labs).

He added  “We will confiscate the smuggled drugs.”