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Syriac Citizens: They cannot eliminate us

QAMASHLO –A number of Syriacs in the city of Qamishlo condemned the attacks of the Turkish state against the regions and people of North Kurdistan, stressing that the Turkish state will not be able to eliminate the peoples of the region and their ancient cultures.QAM- GELÊ- SURYAN-NiKARiN- ME –TUNE- BiKiN 1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

For centuries, the Turkish state has sought to eradicate the culture, heritage and existence of the region. During which the holy sites and historical monuments such as Hasankeyf, Amed Wall and peoples of the area were exposed to continuous quest to obliterate the history and heritage of the peoples of the region. During the course of its history, the Syriac people were subjected to many massacres by the Turkish authorities and faced with murder, homelessness and displacement. The current Turkish state has kept to this track and continues its oppressive practices against the peoples and beliefs of the region.

The Syriac citizens in Qamishlo city condemned the practices of the Turkish state against the regions and peoples of North Kurdistan.QAM- GELÊ- SURYAN-NiKARiN- ME –TUNE- BiKiN 1 ‫(166593025)‬ ‫‬

Mona Simkhan, 52, from the Bashiriya neighborhood of the city of Qamishlo, her family migrated from the Mediyad area of northern Mardin province to Rojava more than 90 years ago to escape attacks by the Turkish authorities on Christian peoples.

Mona, whose grandfather was killed in the massacres, denounced what the Turkish state is currently doing against the peoples of the region “my grandfather was killed by the Turkish authorities. Today, the Turkish state continues its aggressions in North Kurdistan. We deplore these acts of aggression and injustice against the Kurdish, Arab, Armenian and Syrian people by the Turkish state. These practices are contrary to human morality; they must stop their hands on us”.

The story of the citizen Bituz Bashir is not very different from the story of Mona, where his grandfather and five of his uncles were killed during the massacre of the Syriac people, and therefore his father and his mother went to the city of Qamishlo “we want to live like brothers, we the peoples of the region of Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and Armenians want to live together, No one can destroy our existence, they must stop disturbing us for our beliefs and holy places. We have not forgotten the injustice we have suffered at their hands, we are also human and we have rights. Why are they attacking us? We condemn their attacks; these practices are immoral. They cannot obliterate our culture, we will continue to resist and always resist these attacks. “QAM- GELÊ- SURYAN-NiKARiN- ME –TUNE- BiKiN 1 ‫(1)‬

The citizen Teriz Issa rejected all practices and attacks of the Turkish state against the people of North Kurdistan saying “they have previously been practicing these attacks and are still practicing them today. They are attacking our brothers now. We condemn these practices,” said Teriz Issa.