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Syriac north of Syria commemorated Simele massacre’s victims

QAMIŞLO- The Syriacs in Qamişlo city saluted on Monday the 84th anniversary of Simele massacre that was committed in 1933 against the Assyrians in Iraq.  QAM-MEXBUREN KOMKUJIYE RANA ‫(42533378)‬ ‫‬

More than 10,000 Assyrian women and men were left in the result of this massacre according to Syriac officials. The Syriac Cultural Association held a meeting in Qamişlo in order to commemorate the massacre’s victims.

The Syriac and Assyrian people were exposed to a slaughter in Simele city and its surrounded villages in al-Mosel Brigade (Duhok and Ninawa cities) in Iraq where the Syriacs and Assyrians were inhabiting in.

Moreover, more than 15,000 Syriac and Assyrians displaced towards Syria crossing Tigris River, they also were stripped of weapons and taken to al-Khabour area in 1933.

Many Syriac, Kurdish and Arab people, in addition to the deputy of the Syriac Federation Party’s head Sanharib Barsoum, the deputy of Education Body’s head in Cizîre canton Hannah Somy and the administrative members in addition to other members of the Syriac Federation Party attended the meeting.

The meeting hall was ornamented by the Syria martyrs’ pictures and the flags of the civil and military institutions of the Syriac component.

The anniversary was started by holding a minute of silence. Then, a speech was delivered under the name of Syriac Cultural Association by Hannah Somy as he said “we thank your humane attendance and sympathy for the Assyrian great people who demanded their legal cultural rights and to live peacefully within suitable communities after Iraq independence in 1932.

Robel Bahho afterwards delivered a speech in the name of the Syriac Federation Party saying “with the beginning of the 20th century, our Syriac and Chaldean Assyrian people were exposed to an extermination like Sifo massacre in Amed (Diyarbakir) and Tur Abdin, Oramiyah and Simele which dealt the Syriac people, their existence, identity and demands blows. In addition, their demographic, psychological and social negative effects have been clear till now.

In addition, the poet Hana Hana delivered a poem in the name of “Simele New Birthday” as he expressed the extermination that the Syriac people in Iraq were exposed to.

The meeting concluded by a televised presentation which showed some details of Simele massacre.