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Syrian Democratic Forces’ commanders finish training

AIN-ISSA– A new training batch for the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces graduated Şehîd Aziz Arab academy as commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces that 38 commanders had joined was finished during a ceremony.EN ISA-BI-DAWIKIRNA-PERWERDEYA-LESGERI-U-SIYASI (3)

The Academy of Şehîd Aziz Arab has concluded the course of Şehîd Agid Hasakah training course for 38 leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the second session of its kind in the Academy, where the course lasted for two months, during which the participants received political and military lessons, in addition to lessons on the leading personality, and military framing.

The spokesperson of the Wrath of Euphrates campaign Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, the official spokesperson of al- Jazeera Tempest Leilawa al-Abd and a number of leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces and fighters attended graduation ceremony, after standing a minute of silence, a military parade was performed.

Hakki Kobani a leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces congratulated in a speech delivered during the ceremony all the graduated leaders of this course, which was completed at all levels of intellectual and ideological. We thank all the trainees and all the practical squares “we commend the end of this session to the martyr Abu Amjad and all the martyrs of the revolution and the martyrs of the campaign liberation al- Raqqa city and the campaign of “al-Jazeera Tempest “, and we congratulate you on this session and we thank all the trainees and all practical squares to complete this session “EN ISA-BI-DAWIKIRNA-PERWERDEYA-LESGERI-U-SIYASI (2)

Graduates then swore the oath vowing to follow the path of the martyrs until victory and undertaking their duty to the last drop of blood in their veins and carrying out all the tasks entrusted to them.

The graduation ceremony ended with the Dabkeh while revolutionary songs were played