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Syrian Opposition delegation reached Rojava

DÊRIK- A delegation from Syria’s Tomorrow Movement and National Renewal Movement reached Rojava on Saturday to hold meetings with Rojava-North Syria officials.DRK-TEYAR-ALXED-HATE-ROJAV ‫(170983938)‬ ‫‬

On Saturday morning, the delegation that entered Rojava crossing Semalka corridor included the organizational office’s manager of Syria’s Tomorrow Ali al-Assi, the National Renewal Movement’ head Obyda al-Nahas, the manager of Cairo’s Tomorrow Office Qassem Khateeb, the Public Relations manager of the movement Saloum Muhemed, the movement office’s manager in Turkey Ismael Booby and the movement’s manager in Holier Hamad al-Aboud.

The delegation was received by the administrative Aras Fattah in Selmalka corridor. Then, the delegation’s member headed towards Amoda city, and it is supposed that a series of meetings with Rojava and north of Syria’s officials would be held.

The Syria’s Tomorrow Movement is an opponent Syrian movement that comprises independent intellectuals and politicians, and it was founded by the Syrian opponent Ahmad al-Jurba in Cairo in 2016.

While the National Renewal Movement was constructed in February, 2017 by Obyda al-Nahas.