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Syrian opposition from Moscow: a unified delegation should be formed

NEWS DESK- Syrian opponents meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized that a unified delegation of the Syrian opposition should be formed without excluding any party from Geneva talks, according to this, they resolved on sending a call to unify the opposition delegation.

Khalid Issa the DAA representative in France released a written statement after meeting Russian FM Lavrov in Moscow on January 26.

In the beginning of the written statement, Issa noted that Russian FM sent invitations to a big number of Syrian political personae, and pointed out that some of them have attended the meeting while others apologized.

Issa assured that the attendees were informed about the outcome of the Astana meeting which solidified the cease-fire reflecting positively on the expected political track and implementation of resolution 2,254, Issa went on” discussions were also held about the best way to go to Geneva meetings which will be held in next February”.

Issa pointed out that they have informed the Russian part about the constitutional notions proposed in Astana meeting, noting that Lavrov explained to them that these notions are to be discussed among Syrians themselves as it is an internal affair, and these are only to start a period of real and effective discussions among the concerned parties.

Issa went on” opposition parties taking part in the meeting have assured their commitment to just political solutions in Syria which guarantee political transition of power towards a democratic state in accordance with Geneva 2012 agreements and ad-hoc resolutions mainly 2,254 reached to this year.

Issa affirmed saying” from this point, we decided to launch a call to all political platforms and opponent personae to work on forming a unified opposition delegation including all sects and parties aiming to get the coming rounds of Geneva succeed based on the international resolution 2,254 which is a roadmap and a comprehensive reference to reach a new Syria and achieve the legal ambitions of the Syrian people.

A group of Syrian opposition have met the Russian FM in Moscow on January 26, those participating in the meeting are:

  • Khalid Issa DAA representative in France
  • Abdul Salam Ali PYD representative
  • Randa Qasis Astana platform
  • Qadri Jamil Moscow platform representative
  • Alaa Arifah Unification and Liberation Front representative
  • Jamal Suleiman Cairo platform
  • Jihad Maqdisi Cairo platform
  • Hasan abdul Azim representative of National Coordination Body
  • Lo’ey Hussien Construction of State Movement
  • Ilian Musad Hmeimim platform