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Syrian opposition .Revolution did not die in Iran, but it was suppressed by regime

QAMISHLO-The Syrian opposition Abdul Sattar al-Faisal said that the revolution did not die in Iran in its history, but the absence of repression, pointing out that repression against the components in Iran has existed since ancient times.

The Iranians broke the fear barrier they had been living and began to go out on the streets  5days ago, chanting “Death to the dictator” and “Death to Rohani

Hawar news agency ANHA communicate with  the Syrian opposition Abdul Sattar al-Faisal.

Abd al-Sattar al-Faisal said that the demonstrations in Iran were a “total achievement.” He said that “it is normal for any people against religious leaders who rule on the basis of a certain faith and try to expand through divine pretexts.”

“Repression against the components in Iran has existed since the days of the Shah and his father,” he said, adding that it was “related to the arrogance of the Iranian people.”

He stressed that repression had increased in Iran “when it took on a particular religious character.” But historically, the revolution in Iran has not died, but repression is so absent that it does not appear.