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Syrian peacemaker women gather in Beirut

BEIRUT – Syrian Women Peacemakers in Lebanon held a meeting that representatives of many civil society organizations and women’s institutions attended.beyrut-civina-jine-3

In the meeting, women discussed issues on women, politics, women’s role in the future of Syria, the structure and function of women’s organizations, empowerment of women in determining a strategy, and how women can work better.

The attendees also paid attention to the importance of cooperation between women’s organizations.

Kongreya Star representative in Lebanon Henai Seydo said that Syria’s future must be democratic and women must take the leadership to achieve a democratic future. Seydo also noted that common life and defense of people must be ensured.

President of Newroz Culture and Social Association Henan Osman talked about the Kurdish women’s experience in Rojava and northern Syria and said “We must be aware of the gainins of women in Rojava and Northern Syria. Women took a great step and role in defending their land”.