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Syrian politician: dividing Syrian body aimed by Turkish incursion in Idlib



AFRIN– a member of the political body of the National Democratic Alliance, Iyad Khatib, said that the invasion of the Turkish occupation army in Idlib aimed at dividing the Syrian body through coordination with the terrorist organizations that support it, noting that the international silence towards this occupation exacerbates the Syrian crisis.

The statements of Iyad Khatib, from Idlib during an interview with Hawar News Agency, about the incursion of the Turkish occupation army in Idlib.

Khatib touched, at the beginning of his speech, upon the objectives of the Turkish invasion of Idlib, saying “Turkey’s aim of incursion into Idlib is not to reduce tension in the region, but its aim to divide the Syrian body and sow the seeds of strife among Syrian people, and what Idlib witnessed now is similar to the scenario of the Turkish occupation of Azaz, al-Bab, Jarablus areas. Through the coordination of Turkey with the terrorist groups who support and control Idlib and the northern countrysides of Aleppo. “

Khatib wondered if the Turkish incursion within Syrian territory is legitimate “Many people wonder about the legitimacy of the Turkish army incursion into Idlib and the violation of Syrian sovereignty. Let everyone know that the areas occupied by Turkey, which range from Azaz, Jarablus, al-Bab to Idlib, this is a clear political game,” and Turkey will pay the price of this violation dearly sooner or later. “

Khatib sees this incursion from the Turkish side without stirring up the Syrian Regime. This means that there is coordination between the two sides and that the Syrian Regime is aware of this incursion, pointing out that there are agreements between the two sides on receiving and handing over the territories explaining the Syrian regime’s silence and showing the comical situation that did not raise to the level of a state that violates its sovereignty.

The member of the political body of the National Democratic Alliance of Syria pointed out that the international silence about the Turkish incursion of Idlib and the northern countrysides of Aleppo exacerbates the Syrian crisis, stressing that the Syrian people will pay the bill of these practices, in a deal which they have no strings attached.