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Syrian regime: a fighter downed by global coalition

 NEWS DESK- The Defense Ministry in the Syrian regime confirmed that one of its fighter planes has been downed in the southern countryside of al-Raqqa, the regime claimed that it was targeting IS positions.

In turn, some local sources assured that the Syrian regime claims are groundless, and pointed out that a warplane belonging to the Syrian regime hovered over Syrian Democratic Forces’ positions at 20:45 in Sa’deen village, al-Tabqa and then it fell.

Meantime, Syrian Democratic Forces are engaged in fierce battles with IS mercenaries in the city of al-Raqqa, the major stronghold of IS.

It was circulated that this fighter wanted to bombard SDF positions, global coalition having warned it to get away, the Syrian regime fighter would not listen and kept hovering over al-Tabqa sky, global coalition jets then responded and downed it.

Observers perceive that the Syrian regime taking this step aims at handicapping al-Raqqa liberation campaign from IS grip.

No statement has been released by the Syrian Democratic Forces or the global coalition forces in this concern till now.