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Syrian Women’s Council continues its meetings on Violence World Day against Women

MENBAJ- In definition of the Violence World Day, the Syrian Women’s Council held a meeting in Kannat Ghera village in Manbj city attended by dozens of women in the village.MINBEC-MECLESA JIN A SURY (1)

In order to edification of women and acquaint them with the  Violence World Day on 2 November, the Syrian Women’s Council held a meeting in  Kannat Ghara village, located on the burning line south of Menbaj city, attended by dozens of women from the village.

At the meeting, which began with a minute of silence, the administrative director of the Women’s Council, Nadia Melhem, spoke of the 24th anniversary of the assassination of the Mirbal sisters and the methods that had previously been practiced by the Domenic dictatorship.

“The UN General Assembly called for the elimination of the day of Violence against women and declared in November 25 as an anti-Violence day, which we recall every year,” Nadia said.

Nadia mentioned the concepts of violence that went beyond the majority of the world and the neighboring countries and became a fundamental phenomenon within the law of customs and traditions, while at the same time calling women to progress in their essence and though .on this basis the discussion door was opened from the attended women and their wonders of the violence forms and what were they going through

The Syrian Women’s Council will hold its awareness meeting on World Anti-Violence Day in Manj city and its countryside until 25 November.