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Tel Abyad tribes meet in support of federal elections

TEL ABYAD– Dozens of Arabic, Kurdish and Turkmen tribal notables (Girê Sipî), a number of leaders of the People and Women Protection Units and leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces are in a tent erected in support of the federal election.GIRE SPI-CIVINA-ELEN-EREBA1 ‫(127730177)‬ ‫‬

Tribal notables began to flock to the tent erected in the village of Tannhosa, 7 km from west of the town of Tel Abyad since the early hours of the morning, to meet under the tent in support of the federal elections.

The tent was decorated with pictures of martyrs, People Protection Units, Women Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces (YPG, YPJ and SDF forces) in all its formations and factions, in addition to the flags of, and banners including “The democratic federalism of northern Syria. To achieve democratic federalism in the Syrian north, we will create a model for the future Syria”.

The meeting, which was organized by the Autonomous Administration as a message of support from the tribes and peoples of the region to the federal elections and the steps that have recently been taken in the context of the project.

The meeting is scheduled to be held under 3 tents, and will begin in the next few minutes, with many speeches expected to be given by the persona present.