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TEV-ÇAND JIN established in Rojava

DIRBÊSIYÊ – Women in TEV-ÇAND (Art and Culture Movement) organized their second conference in the city of Dirbêsiyê in Cezîre Canton.

225 women from different cities and art and culture organizations attended the conference and decided to establish TEV-ÇAND JIN, female branch of TEV-DEM.

Related to the conference and decisions made TEV-ÇAND JIN member Ruha Hisên said TEV-ÇAND JIN will strenghten women’s role in Rojava and cultural organizations.

Ruha Hisên also said TEV-ÇAND’s plans to establish a female branch is continuity of the success and achievements of YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) and liberation of Tishrin area in south of Kobanî.