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TEV-DEM pledge to continue martyr Khabat’s struggle on 6th anniversary

 NEWS DESK-On the 6th anniversary on martyrdom of People Protection Unites’ founder the martyr Khabat Dêrik, the Executive Body of Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) issued a statement renewing the vow to achieve the missions believing in the path of the martyr Khabat Dêrik and all martyrs.

The text of statement:

“The revolution of Rojava broke out in accordance with the legacy of the democratic nation’s philosophy, which is the correct diagnosis of the suffocating crisis experienced by Syria and the whole region; and as an objective complementarily of the Syrian revolutionary movement; Today’s events testify that the political system introduced by the Rojava revolution has become the revolutionary alternative of the authoritarian regime and a project that is the best solution to the Syrian crisis, which is entering its eighth year.

The revolution of Rojava, as well as all the revolutions of history, needed a security force that protected all the components and turned into the most important detail through which to provide communal security and public stability while guaranteeing peace and coexistence. Especially since the early periods of the Syrian revolutionary movement signs of militarization of the revolution and deviation in the demands of change to the chaos of weapons and the emergence of sectarianism and the destruction of national institutions of the state; which served greatly in the domination of the authoritarian regime and passing false claims that there is no revolution in the Syrian revolutionary movement. Khabat and a group of his comrades organized the first nucleus of units to protect the region according to a theoretical program and revolutionary goals that benefit the general population and components. Measured by the results achieved, these goals, the legitimacy of the struggle and the security of the region, have become the northern regions of Syria from Dêrek to Afrin, a safe shelter for hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing the regime’s violence, most recently in the wave of displacement from Idlib to Afrin, besieged for years.

On the sixth anniversary of the martyrdom of martyr Khabat Dêrik, we remember his struggle’s values as a national figure, revolutionary and field leader in the first ranks in all the squares that fought against the authoritarian oppressive regimes throughout Kurdistan for twenty-seven consecutive years. He was the example in the personality of the revolutionary fighter and the leader of the feat that responded to the appeal in the revolution of Rojava.

We are in the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV DEM) for the sixth anniversary of the martyrdom of leader Khabat and pledge him to complete the tasks and crown them with great victory and loyalty and faith in the march of martyr Khabat and all and martyrs of freedom. We also pledge to walk in the path of the martyrs, and the great goals for which we were martyred, we will continue the struggle until it is achieved and the establishment of a democratic federal Syria.

Glory and eternity for the martyr Khabat and all martyrs who were scrificed for the path of freedom.