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‘TEV-DEM project is for all Syrian components’

ALEPPO – The chairman of joint Assembly in Şêx Meqsȗd neighborhood of Aleppo city confirmed that democratic solution project for Syria is a perfect solution for peace and co-existence between the spectra of the society and its components.

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) for solution of the Syrian crisis presented a political democratic solution project in fourth anniversary of the Syrian revolution. It attracted attention of many political parties.

The chairman of joint Assembly in Şêx Meqsȗd neighborhood of Aleppo city Îmad Dawȗd in this regard has spoken to ANHA.

He said: “This project will stop the bloodshed in Syria and will provide peace”. Dawȗd also stated that this project includes all the components of society.

Dawȗd explained that after four years of Syrian revolution, no solution has been reached yet to stop shedding of the blood of people and stop conflict by saying: “Syrian regime and the opposition are focusing on exercising authority war on the Syrian people. Both sides have acted so far in accordance with the interests of foreign countries, so the crisis intensified. They ignored demands of the people”.

He also noted that the model put forward by the Kurdish People leader Abdullah Ocalan, who works on fixing the principle of brotherhood of peoples, co-existence of all the components and spectra of the society is the perfect solution for salvation Syria from the crisis.

In concern to democratic self-administration, which is now applied in the Rojava Kurdistan Dawȗd said that the administration which has been applied in the region got up and sheltered it from all attacks and each component got their rights in fair way.

Dawȗd concluded his speech by saying that political and democratic solution project is for ensuring peace, freedom and justice.